October 20, 2020

Is Cryptocurrency The Future?

Cryptocurrencies have been around for a while. And the many stakeholders exhibit varying outlooks. I...


October 07, 2020

What Is Polkadot? Polkadot Explained

Polkadot is a multi-chain framework blockchain-based project that is akin to Cosmos. It is designed ...


October 01, 2020

Mycryptoview October 2020 mystery giveaway!

Please note:- if you've already created a maximum of 10 posts (reviews, questions or answers) on our...


September 29, 2020

How does uniswap work and what is uniswap?

The inherent limitations of blockchain technology made it challenging to build DEXes that meaningful...


September 03, 2020

Why is bitcoin down? - Here’s why

Bitcoin prices are never constant. And this applies to most assets across the board. Stakeholders re...


September 01, 2020

Mycryptoview mystery giveaway!

We are giving away the mystery reward in the video to one lucky winner. Follow the rules below to e...


August 27, 2020

Mycryptoview Survey Result

We asked a few users on our platform to participate in our survey and, we are happy to announce the ...


August 17, 2020

Top 6 Bitcoin Scam You Should Know

While cyber theft ravages the internet space, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space are not exempted....


August 06, 2020

Top Rated Cryptocurrency Influencers in 2020

If you study the latest developments today, you can see some unusual ones that can revolutionize the...


August 02, 2020

Mycryptoview Bitcoin Giveaway!

Our second video is all about bitcoin and, bitcoin giveaways, so we thought to give the hidden BTC i...


August 01, 2020

Whitepaper changes

When we started our journey, we knew that as times goes on, we were likely to make changes to some o...


July 21, 2020

ICO Updates, Bounty token distribution updates and Q&A

We will like to update everyone about our ICO progress. We will cover questions that a lot of you ha...


July 17, 2020

The Interplay between Bitcoin and Altcoins

One fantastic dimension with digital-assets is the spiraling number of Altcoins exchanging around. S...


July 12, 2020

DeFi, the new frontier for cryptocurrency adoption: Risk and prospects

The Cryptocurrency space has since helped to deepen blockchain adoption in the mainstream, especiall...


July 03, 2020

Smart contracts explained

The word "blockchain" has already become part of our daily life partly because large companies have ...


July 01, 2020

Mycryptoview ledger nano S giveaway

Enter now! We are giving away Ledger Nano S to one lucky winner to celebrate the launch of our Youtu...

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February 24, 2020

Mycryptoview, the gateway into the evergrowing crypto market

We know how challenging it might get sometimes to grasp the concept of crypto. When there are so man...