Invite only

We've reached 1000 registered users, which means we will only accept registration through invitations. The platform is on beta, which means during this beta phase, we will continue to limit the number of activities on the platform. The limit is as follows:-

  1. Registration limit:- 1000 registered users, to continue using the platform, ask your friend, any crypto project currently on our platform, or any crypto Youtuber/influencer presently on our platform to invite you to the platform.
  2. Post limit:- Post includes reviews, questions, or answers, the total post during the beta phase is 3000, and depending on the feedback we get in terms of adding functionality or fixing bugs we will increase the limit.
  3. Referral program:- Referral program will still be open after we've hit the maximum post limit. However, users will be unable to create any post until a new post limit has been assign.