Blog Token sale update, token distribution update and token allocation break down

Token sale update, token distribution update and token allocation break down


November 01, 2020

Mycryptoview ICO came to an end on 31st October 2020. Unfortunately, it was best for us not to sale MCV tokens lower than the value of $30k. We allocated 270M MCV tokens for ICO including the tokens for sale via 2key network. We have decided to continue building the project we no outside funding until such time the project can generate revenue, in other words we are cancelling IEO and giving the tokens to Mycryptoview community members via staking and other incentive on the platform. However, some of the tokens will be allocated for project marketing and to the treasury. Please see token allocation summary below for break down allocation.

Token allocation summary

   Total supply:-  1 billion

   Contract address:

Platform token:- 250M (This is the token that will be used for incentive on the platform i.e creating reviews, asking questions providing answers etc please read our whitepaper for full details)

Community(beta phase/early adopter allocation):-  100M (The community allocation includes promotion(including providing liquidity when necessary), project/business account rewards, post rewards, referral program, bug bounty and polls funding. After public release, the following unused tokens will be burned: - referral program, post rewards, promotion, bug bounty, and polls funding.)

Team and founder:- 150M  

Team and founder lockup contract address:

The release structure is as follows:- 

  • July 2021: 45M
  • July 2022: 45M
  • July 2023: 45M
  • July 2024: 15M

Reserve: - 100M

The release structure is as follows:-

  • July 2022:- 40M
  • July 2023:- 60M

We allocated 400M tokens for public and presale as per the details in our whitepaper. 

  • 70M was allocated for sale via 2key network from the 200M unsold presale tokens.
  • 130M for IEO out of the 200M unsold token
  • 200M for public sale

The total of 400M tokens was unsold, 200M burned and, 70M  was unsold on 2key platform and 30M out of 70M burned.  The total of 230M was burned. We decided to come up with a new token allocation instead of burning the total of 400M. If we sold a decent amount of tokens, then we would have had enough money to keep funding the project without depending on any remaining unsold tokens. The new allocation is as follows:-

  • 30M (Treasury token to be sold directly to advertisers for ads on the platform. We will not sale the tokens directly to any individual. Please do not contact us about Treasury tokens if you are not an advertiser.)
  • 50M ( Marketing/promotion/giveaways after public release)
  • 70M (distributed via staking- more details about the staking and the minimum tokens requirements coming soon)
  • 20M (content validator/writer- more details and registrations  coming soon) Content writing on Mycyptoview would be different from regular review post, questions or blogging.

 Staking break down(TBC, break down is subjected to change)

               Year 1 – 17.5M

               Year 2 – 17.5M

               Year 3 – 17.5M

               Year 4 – 17.5M

Token distribution/burned tokens

Break down of the token used so far from the community allocation(early adopter allocation)

Total Token burned:-   230M

 The amount that has been distributed to bounty hunters

  • 2,417,145.885 MCV


Projects/business account(including crypto influencers account)

  • 20M (Mycryptoview  account is verified/claimed. However, other projects/businesses haven't claim/verified their accounts yet)


Token allocation table  including lockup tokens, distributed tokens and burn tokens

                       M = Million

                      100M = Community Tokens 



Platform token




Team  and founders(lockup)







Project/business account (Allocated)


20M( out of 100M)

Burned token 230M
Amount distributed to bounty hunters2,417,145.885 (out of 100M)
Treasury, Marketing, staking and content validator/Writer 170M


No new tokens will be created after platform tokens is exhausted.

Exchange listing

We set initial price on uniswap on 31/10/2020

phase 2 development

(advertisement dashboard, token holders get a cut of advertisement revenue and much more features)

I no longer want to hold MCV tokens, how do I remove it from my address?

Not everyone always wants to hold tokens for a long time, especially if there is a delay with listing on major exchanges. We have got you covered if you don't want to stick around with us for long. 

Follow the steps below if you no longer want to hold MCV tokens

      Note:- Make sure you have a enough gas to cover the transaction fees

  1. Go to etherscan
  2. Search token in the search box



  1. Go to write Contract and click connect to Web3 and select the address that you are holding MCV tokens  via MetaMask


  1. Go to burn section
  1. Input the amount uint256 you will like to burn

Note:- Make sure you know what you are doing and, you are 100% sure you no longer need MCV tokens before doing this! Your tokens will be gone forever!


Updated: December 2022

Staking allocation: 70M

Farming allocation: 70M

All community tokens goes towards staking and farming allocations.

Project and business account allocation amount reduction

2023 – 50% from the allocated amount

2024 – All unclaimed amount goes towards staking and farming allocations.

100% of the fees made from our tool in the first year goes into Liquidity and after the first year 30% goes into liquidity.

We are going to provide liquidity both on Pulsechain(after launch) and Ethereum.