Blog How-to content validator/writer test phase and MCV buyback

How-to content validator/writer test phase and MCV buyback


December 03, 2020

We previously announced the reward structure for content validator and writer. In this post, we will cover the full breakdown and the task involved.

Most of you are familiar with How-tos if you are unsure,  How-tos is a detail instruction provided to anyone on how to do or perform a particular task.

So how does it fit into Mycryptoview and cryptos?

As part of our mission, adding how-to content into the platform will help provide both new users coming into the crypto space and users already in the crypto space find cryptocurrency information easily. 

 For example:-

New users coming into the crypto space can easily find a step by step details on how to perform a particular crypto task like installing crypto wallet. On the other hand, users already in the crypto space can easily find a step by step details on how to perform a particular task like interacting with a new decentralised application.

Reward structure

  • 4000 MCV for each participant – Tokens will be credited to your Mycryptoview wallet balance
  • Deployer's bubble reward-

(Bubbles Rewards by deployer)/(total approved content) = Your reward.

e.g deployer farmed total of 100M bubbles and, the total number of approved content is 1000 then 100M/1000 = 100000 for each approved content.

If you are unsure/new about the bubble experiment read the announcement here

  • 2pins for each participant.


  • Maximum number of users required:- 400 and 10 approval limit for each users.
  • One of your content must be approved by Mycryptoview team to be eligible for the 4000 MCV and 2pins(both amounts are fixed). If all 400 users were eligible then 4000MCV * 400 and 400 * 2PIN
  • Users need to have a total of 10 approved content to become a validator (may change when how-to goes live) but all approved validators during this test phase won’t need to go through the new validators requirement).
  • Users with the total approval rate of up to -5 will not be able to participate any longer in this task, However when the how-to feature goes live you will be able to get your approval rating back up.
  • We will provide details for any content disapproved and with the option to edit it to meet our approval standard.
  • We will delete any content copied from the web and provide the reason.

We are looking for quality and not quantity.

To participate, login or register on Mycryptoview and click “My How-to” under the dropdown menu and follow the instructions.

Campaign end date:- 27/12/2020

MCV Buyback

The purpose of the MCV buyback is to incentivise users to provide quality how-to content during the initial build of this feature. We require 100 validators for us to proceed with the buyback. However, if at the end of the first campaign there are less than 100 validators we will review the total number of validators and the content if we feel the amount is reasonable we will proceed with the buyback(Note the buyback will only occur as a one off between the period of December 2020 to February 2021 if the total validators is less than 100).

Please note we will buyback MCV tokens at random date and time or month and, we will make sure the amount is reasonable. For example, if we plan to buy a total of 6000 MCV tokens then it will be done in 3-4 steps- At random day 200 MCV and another week or month 400 MCV and another day 20 MCV etc. The buyback is only on Uniswap no other exchange!

If we reach our target of 100 validators, the buyback will continue through out the testing phase of the how-to feature and until how-to is ready to go live for public use( should be around early Q2 of 2021).

All the MCV tokens bought will go back into the allocated MCV funds for content writer/validator.  Funds allocated for content writer/validator are held in the address below:-

For token allocation please visit

Any future Buyback?

Unfortunately at this point, we can't guarantee any future buyback as the main purpose of this buyback is to encourage everyone to provide quality how-to content to the platform.