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Bubbleswap- The Farming Experiment


November 14, 2020



What is BubbleSwap

Bubbleswap is an experiment carried out by mycryptoview and inspired by survey done by Mycryptoview users. Bubbleswap is an exact copy of RottenSwap which is an exact copy of SushiSwap with few changes.

The table below provides the experimental change between bubbleSwap and rottenSwap.

      Rotten token    Bubble Token
The Rotten Sushi token has no premined dev fund, so a Chef Nomi type rug pull is not possible.The Bubble token has no premined dev fund, deployer mined some bubble for testing purposes and for creating pairs and all unused bubble were burned(the burning of unused bubble makes it different from ROT meaning holders can burn their tokens in an event where a randomer starts dumping their tokens and, the panic button goes on! and you want to get out of the bubble.) Check test section of this document for all the burned tokens.
The SUSHI is rotten. Every transfer, 2.5% of the amount is burnt and transformed into MAGGOT tokens. The MAGGOT tokens are valueless since they are highly inflationary, but RottenToken (ROT) is deflationary with sufficient transaction volume.Every transfer, 2.5% of the amount is burnt and transformed into Pin Tokens which only 9000 pins can ever be minted. 1% of pins burn on every transfer with a cap of 6000 pins to be burn. Is PinToken valuable? That is part of this experiment. 


For those that do want to buy/sell bubble to participate in this experiment increase the slippage to at least 2.5%, you may have to increase the slippage higher in some instances.

For  liquidity providers visit our lp campaign announcement here and also check airdrop section of this document to see if you are eligible for airdrop!

Brief history

Survey results that inspired the experiment



Majority of the users that participated in the survey said the bubble would pop either end of this year or next year. Also, most users said they won't farm unaudited code and most users are interested in the gains.

Experiment list

  • When bubble pop?  end of year? 2021?. Bubble holders will have to burn their bubble tokens in an event where there's 0 liquidity or 0 volume in both tokens. However, if bubbleswap is still active and growing this date would officially be called proof of pins day and all pins holders will send any amount of bubble to their friends.

To make things easier for everyone at this block number #13735829, we all need to check the price of bubble, pin, liquidity and volume.

  • Bubbleswap  code is unaudited, how many people are going to use bubbleswap? We had another developer peer review our code to make sure we haven't planted so many bugs :) use at your own risk! Please note the review is only on our code!
  • Deflationary token vs Token with cap of 9000 with a burn cap of 6000(1% of pin to be burn at every transfer). Any value in both tokens?

Want to BUY?

(Only buy the experiment tokens if you’ve read and understood the risk section of this document)



For those interested in buying Mycryptoview token link below

What is PinToken?

PinToken is an experiment token with a cap of 9000 to be minted and a burn rate of 1% on every transfer with burn cap of 6000 which is the maximum amount that can be burn. PinMaster also decided to mint initial 1800 pins to the deployer :) and,  asked BubbleMaster to remove deployer from getting any newly minted pins after deployment. If deployer wants to participate in this experiment, deployer won't be able to get any more pins.

Any plans for the 1800 pins?

  • Airdrop/giveaway
  • If pins are valuable, the deployer would sale pins in a responsible manner ðŸ™‚,reckless dumping/dumping defeats the main purpose of the experiment!

 Sale structure

  • No more than 30 pins in the space of 1 month.
  • No more than 360 pins in the space of 1 year.

After the experiment deployer can sale any amount of pins if there's any value 

Are the tokens lock up?

No, is in the hands of the only known whale called the deployer 🙂

Deployer address:- 0x371BDb579249F333c9Ede3b0Ea59F4CfdB0Fe077


The bonus ends at block number # 11310442  and reward emission per block will be set to 250 bubbles per block. The reward emission per block will continue to reduce as per the table below

            Date    Reward emission per block
          29/11/2020       100
          06/12/2020        50
          13/12/2020        25
          20/12/2020        20
          27/12/2021        10
          03/01/2021         5
          28/01/2021         2

Any reason behind the reward per block reduction?

Part of the experiment guys! ðŸ™‚ 


  • Giveaway participants:- The deployer will distribute 2 pins each to users that participated in mycryptoview recent Youtube giveaway ( video title:- Buying cryptocurrency? What you need to know in 60 seconds). This is only applicable to users that commented on that youtube video and also followed all the giveaway rules before the start of this experiment. Recent or spam comments will not be counted. To claim your pins, you must add your erc20 address to your account on
  • Mycryptoview Liquidity provider:-    We are giving 4pins to MCV holders that provided liquidity around 1st November - 18th November excluding Mycryptoview addresses. If you are eligible, we will send 4pins to the address that you were using to provide liquidity to MCV-ETH Pair during the period mentioned above.

Can I join this experiment? new to crypto and farming

We strongly recommend joining Mycryptoview and asking questions about cryptos and farming, then decide from there. Bubbleswap is an experiment, not an investment!

Token address

Pintoken contract:-

BubbleToken contract:-

BubbleMaster contract:-

Dev address removed

Set migrator contract removed

Migrate lp token to another lp contract removed.


Deployer carried out a few tests which were as follows:-

  1. Can you deposit lp tokens? Yes
  2. Can you unstake lp tokens? Yes
  3. Can you harvest bubble tokens? Yes

Please do not use the result of these tests as an official tests result as this was done to make sure the main functionality(harvest,stake/unstake and deposit lp) works!

Burned transaction:-

Pairs created 




Deployer is joining the experiment with all the created pairs- Joining date 20/11/2020. 100% of all the rewards would go to Mycryptoview users only for those users that would be participating in our content writer/validator task and testing the initial build. The giveaway ends 27/12/2020, more details for the next giveaway coming soon. All the pairs created by the deployer can only be removed at the end of the experiment(block number #13735829)

More sushiswap copies from Mycryptoview team?

No more copies from us, BubbleMaster is the master of all farming bubble, and, PinMaster is the master of proof of pins aka the pin distributor for popping all farming bubbles!  ðŸ¤¡.  In future, we may carry out another experiment, however, we won't copy another farming contract.

Why is it RISKY?

  • Smart contract vulnerability
  • Rug pull
  • Very High volatility 
  • impermanent loss:- Read the section about impermanent loss in our article about how uniswap works if you are unsure what impermanent loss is all about.
  • Short life span(usually 1-2 months):- The farming bubble usually pops between 1-2 months, for some project in less than a month.

Warning: Bubbleswap is an experiment and not an investment, participate in this experiment at your own risk! 

Join Mycryptoview to learn and share knowledge about cryptos.

Subscribe to our channel and get involve in our giveaways 

Youtube Channel


We have tested the main functionality of this experiment and, we can confirm that it works. So, the support priority for this experiment will be extremely low as we are working on completing the development of Mycryptoview and adding more features to Mycryptoview.  After/before the end of the experiment, if bubbleswap is not dead by then we would provide more support and possibilities of new features.

Note:- The low priority doesn't mean we are abandoning this experiment, the performance of this experiment would determine the type of features that we can add in future.

Telegram group?

We would like any of Mycryptoview early adopters to manage the telegram group for this experiment. Please submit a request here 

Include your telegram username and Mycryptoview username, please do not apply in the group.

Note:- You must be one of the early adopters of Mycryptoview, and must be willing to manage the group(filtering out all scams/spam). We would reward 1pin for lifetime management of the telegram group. Payment date:-  21/11/2020. Please note this is a one-off payment- You won't be paid again for managing the group and any future admin won't be paid!

Max admin: 3

Application is on a first come first serve basis.

Note:-  No telegram for Mycryptoview and Pin Token, if we decide to create one in future we will let everyone know.