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Mycryptoview BuyBack


December 31, 2020

We previously announced the rules for MCV buyback to incentivise users to provide quality how-to content. The initial rule was to get 100 validators before we can proceed with the buyback and the duration was December 2020 to February 2021 if the total validators are less than 100. Although we had no validators, our users contributed quality how-to during the campaign so we have decided to go ahead with the buyback.

Buyback duration:- Q1 2021  - End of April 2021( Only on Uniswap) for more details regarding how we plan to carry out the buyback/what we are using the token for visit



We also plan to airdrop a total of 12000 MCV tokens.

Buyback budget:-  low due to the low number of participants for our how-to campaign.  

Note:- We may increase the buyback budget or stop the buyback without notice.  

Rewards halving:- 12.5 MCV for all posts from 31/ 01 / 2021

To benefit from the buyback we encourage users to contribute quality content(reviews, questions or answers or how-tos) to the platform, invites friends, and participate in our test campaign(testing of our polls on the blockchain is only limited to users that received our newsletter).