Blog How to participate in Bubbleswap experiment

How to participate in Bubbleswap experiment


November 20, 2020


Before participating make sure you have read the risk section of our announcement:-

For MCV holders, make sure you can see your MCV tokens in your MetaMask wallet. If you can’t see your MCV follow the steps below:-

  • Connect to MetaMask
  • Go to asset section as shown below and click add token
  • Click Custom Token and add MCV address  and click next.

MCV address 0x9F033897C1957AA11Ac18428c1f9f85985196b55



Your MCV tokens will be display in your wallet as shown below:-



  • Click add Tokens – You may have to repeat the steps if you logout of MetaMask.

Add MCV-ETH Liquidity (Recommended Wallet MetaMask)

To participate in the experiment using your MCV-ETH Uniswap LP tokens, you will need to provide liquidity. Follow the steps below:-

  • Click add Liquidity


  • Click select token and paste MCV contract address 0x9F033897C1957AA11Ac18428c1f9f85985196b55
  • Click add as shown in screen below




  • Add MCV and equal amount of eth



Once your transaction is successful, head over to and follow the steps below.

Stake MCV-ETH LP tokens(Recommended Wallet MetaMask)

  • Click on see the bubbles
  • Unlock you metamask wallet and click the select button on MCV-ETH pair
  • Click on the approved MCV-ETH UNI-V2 LP (You can use same steps for other pairs if you wish to stake on other pairs as well)
  • Once approved click the green Plus(+) sign as shown below
  • Click max or input any amount as show in the screen below and click confirm and watch your bubbles grow!