Blog MCV-ETH Liquidity Campaign

MCV-ETH Liquidity Campaign


November 13, 2020

We have allocated tokens out of 100M MCV community tokens for those that want to provide MCV-ETH liquidity on uniswap. If you are new to Mycryptoview and you are interested about our token allocation and distributions, please read our official announcement here

Maximum liquidity provider:- liquidity application closes when we have 5 applicants in any given week(e.g week 1 = 5 applicants). We will open the application again when any provider doesn't add liquidity within the timeframe stated in this campaign.


You must have a minimum of 27000 MCV tokens(this is minimum liquidity you will need to add) and must be a registered user of Mycryptoview to participate. New and old users of Mycryptoview can apply to provide MCV-ETH liquidity.

How to apply

  • Register on Mycryptoview if you are a new user or login if you an existing user.
  • Add your erc20 address via your wallet page on Mycryptoview
  • Click the liquidity button on your wallet page and follow the instructions.

Note:- Once you have added your address you can not change it until the end of the campaign so make sure you have full control of the address.  We will only send payment to the address you provided and, the address must be the same address that you are using to provide liquidity.


Campaign start date:- 19/11/2020




Payment date


  Pay out

Week 1( 19/11/2020 – 28/11/2020) (29/11/2020)   35000 MCV

Week 2 ( 30/11/2020 – 06/12/2020)


 (06/12/2020)   27000 MCV
Week 3 ( 07/12/2020 -  13/12/2020)(13/12/2020)   27000 MCV




   Weeks   Timeframe
Week 1   Application before 19th  needs to add lp by the end of 19th and application after the 19th needs to add lp by 27/11/2020
Week 2  Applicants needs to add lp by 05/12/2020
Week 3  Applicants needs to add lp by 12/11/2020