Blog Content writer/validator task reward structure

Content writer/validator task reward structure


November 20, 2020

The reward structure for the content writer/validator task and the number of users needed are as follows:-

Maximum number of users required:- 400

Reward structure

  • 4000 MCV for each participant
  • Deployer's bubble reward-

(Bubbles Rewards by deployer)/(total approved content) = Your reward.

e.g deployer farmed total of 100M bubbles and, the total number of approved content is 1000 then 100M/1000 = 100000 for each approved content.

If you are unsure/new about the bubble experiment read the announcement here

  • 2pins for each participant.


One of your content must be approved by Mycryptoview to be eligible for the 4000 MCV and 2pins(both amounts are fixed).

If all 400 users were eligible then 4000MCV * 400 and 400 * 2PIN

We will let everyone know when the application is open.