Opensea How to create NFT for free with no gas fees and no code

How to create NFT for free with no gas fees and no code

Minting NFT on the Ethereum network can be expensive due to the Ethereum gas fees. If you are wondering if you can mint NFT for free, the simple answer is yes and with NFT marketplaces like Opensea or Rarible, you can Mint NFT for free with no gas fees and no code through a process called lazy minting. Lazy minting is the process of minting NFTs at the time of purchase. In other words, your NFT is listed on the blockchain when a buyer pays for your NFT.

We are going to provide step by step guide on how to mint NFT for free through the process of Lazy minting(no gas fees, and no code).  We are going to use Opensea for this guide. The process maybe similar to other NFT Marketplaces.

Note:- You will need to install Metamask, if you are not sure how to do that you can check our How to create metamask wallet via the link below

         1.   Go to and login/create an account by clicking the account icon        

         2.  Click the create button and sign your Metamask wallet

        3.  Complete the details for your NFT item

        4.  Once you've completed the details for your NFT including the properties details, click the create button.

          5.  Go to your profile and, you will see your created NFT. 

Note:- You will need to list your NFT for sale and set the price. Your NFT would be listed on the blockchain once a user buys your NFT. If you want to add NFTs(collectibles) to Metamask, check out our How to add NFTs(collectibles) to Metamask via the link below

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