Mycryptoview How to bulk transfer NFTs for Faster Transactions

How to bulk transfer NFTs for Faster Transactions

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: October 06, 2023

Bulk transfer of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, is a crucial aspect for streamlining transactions and improving efficiency in the NFT ecosystem. The process involves transferring large amounts of NFTs in one transaction, reducing the time and resources spent on each transaction, rather than transferring them individually. To achieve faster bulk transfer of NFTs at low cost, one must use an NFT Bulk transfer tool such as Mycryptoview NFT multisender. Follow the step by step guide below on How to bulk transfer NFTs for Faster Transactions.

Note: The guide is not for Bulk transferring NFTs from the NFTs marketplace, however, if you want to bulk transfer your NFTs created on NFT marketplace such as OpenSea to multiple addresses you can still follow the steps in this guide. If you are bulk transfering NFTs minted on NFT market place you can check out How to transfer NFTS from Opensea to Multiple wallets or How to transfer NFTS from Rarible to Multiple wallets if you haven't moved your Nfts into your MetaMask wallet from Opensea or Rarible before following the steps in this guide.

  1. Log in to your Metamask wallet and switch to either Ethereum or Polygon Matic network
  2. Go to Mycryptoview nft multisender
  3. Click the connect button

      4. Prepare your addresses in Excel like the screenshot below.            

      Or copy and paste the airdrop addresses list using the format as per the Excel above. However, we recommend preparing the airdrop addresses list in Excel or using our NFT Finder tool to find your NFT IDs via

      5.  Input token address           

    Note:-  If you sending for e.g ERC-1155 you can click the green button to switch to 1155 and input the token address.

             Or you can click the search token address button to automatically populate the contract address

     6. Upload the XLSX or CSV addresses that you created.           

      7. Click the approve button and wait for your transaction to complete

      8. Once the approved transaction is completed, you can click the confirm button and wait for all your transactions to complete

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