MetaMask How to transfer multiple NFTs at once on Metamask

How to transfer multiple NFTs at once on Metamask

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: May 08, 2023

Metamask is a popular EVM(Ethereum virtual machine) wallet that allows you to store, manage and transfer non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Transferring multiple NFTs at once can be done using NFT Multisender smart contract such Mycryptoview NFT Multisender. This process can save time compared to transferring each NFT individually. Follow the steps below to transfer multiple NFTs at once using MetaMask.

Note:- This guide is for transferring multiple Nfts to different addresses at once before following the steps below you can check out How to transfer NFTS from Opensea to Multiple wallets or How to transfer NFTS from Rarible to Multiple wallets if you haven't moved your Nfts into your MetaMask wallet from Opensea or Rarible.

  1. Open your MetaMask and log in to your wallet and switch to either Ethereum or Polygon Matic network
  2. Go to Mycryptoview nft multisender
  3. Click the connect button

      4. Click the select standard button to set it to 1155 as shown below            

     5. Input the contract address that was copied from the token summary in step 6 of this guide          

Or you can click the search token address button to automatically populate the contract address

      6.  Input the addresses, token ID and the amount like the screenshot below,            

Note:- The token ID above is the token ID for NFT created from NFT market place such as Opensea or Rarible

           7. Click the approve button and wait for transaction confirmation              

          8. Click the confirm button and wait for the transaction confirmation               

Once your transaction is done you should see your completed transaction like the screen below.

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