Uniswap How to swap coins on Uniswap: A Beginner's Guide

How to swap coins on Uniswap: A Beginner's Guide

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: May 27, 2024

If you are new to Defi and intend to swap some coins on Uniswap,  this post is for you.

What Is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralised exchange which enables direct exchange of cryptocurrencies by the users with little or no interference from third parties. To swap coins on Uniswap, it is as straightforward as on any other exchange as we will explain in this beginner’s guide. 

Note: You will need to ensure that there is sufficient balance in your Metamask to pay for transaction fees. For those who are starting, this guide will provide all the information and references for buying tokens on Uniswap.

If after following the guide and you are still unsure how to swap coins, you can check out the video format of this guide via the link provided at the bottom of this guide.

  1. Install MetaMask. If you are unsure how to install MetaMask check how to create Metamask wallet via the link below


      2. Go to Uniswap exchange website or on the main Uniswap website uniswap.org, click Launch App which should take you to the Uniswap exchange website.

      3. Click Connect to a Wallet to select a wallet - We are going to use MetaMask for this example.

           If you are connected you will see your Eth balance and the option to select a token.

      4. Select a token            

     In this example, we are going to use our native token Mycryptoview token(MCV). Search for the token you will like to swap if you can't find it head over to etherscan.io and search for example Mycryptoview. Note - you can use the same steps to find any token but make sure that the address for the token is the correct address as anyone can create any token with the same name.       

  • Copy the address from the contract section and head over to Uniswap
  • Paste the address in the search input

You will see MCV under the Token name section, Select MCV and MCV should display below

         5.  Enter the amount

Click swap and the token will be in your wallet. Note - your transaction needs to be successful before you can see the tokens in your wallet.

Follow the link below to watch the guide in video format


The video provides a full guide on how to connect Metamask and swap coins.

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