Solana How to buy meme coins on Solana: Step-by-Step Guide

How to buy meme coins on Solana: Step-by-Step Guide

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: March 31, 2024

The guide is about buying Solana meme coins that you can't buy on crypto exchanges where you usually buy other cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. You will need a Solana wallet called Phantom -  We will be using this wallet because it's super easy and works well with Solana.

Here's something important to know before following the steps to buying your Solana meme coins: meme coins can be risky. During the bear market or at any time, they can drop by 90% or more. So, please keep in mind before deciding to invest in meme coins. 

If you haven't installed a Solana wallet yet, don't worry! You can use our guide on How to use solana wallet before following the main guide.

Note: If you are connecting Ledger Nano to Phantom Wallet for the first time, please ensure that blind signing is enabled. Additionally, make sure there is enough Solana (SOL) in your wallet.

  1. Go to and search for the Memecoin you would like to buy for example “Bonk”

     2. On the coin page, scroll down to the info section and copy the contract address        

    3. Go to Solana DEX


   4. Click the Connect Wallet button and select Phantom wallet          


   5. Under the “To” section click the Ray icon and you will see a similar screen to the one below       

   6. In the “search name or mint address” input box, paste the contract address that was copied in step 2. Note you can also use the search box to search the meme coin, some newly created Solana meme coins may not show up so we recommend using the contract address.

    7. Click and select the Meme coin under the Token section      

   8. Enter the amount of Bonk meme coin you would like to buy and click the swap button to buy.      

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