Solana How to use solana wallet (Metamask on solana?)

How to use solana wallet (Metamask on solana?)

Most people are familiar with using Metamask on the Ethereum network to send coins or tokens. The simple answer to the question Can I use Metamask with Solana? No, you cannot use Metamask on the Solana network because Solana is on its own blockchain and, it is not EVM compatible(EVM stands for Ethereum virtual machine) may be in the future Metmask might integrate other blockchains. Note:- You cannot add Solana to Metamask so sending SOL to your Metamask would result in a loss of funds. However, if you want to use a wallet with the same look and feel as Metamask then Phantom is probably the best option. Below are the details on how to use Solana wallet

  1. Go to and click add to chrome(Phantom wallet supports other browsers)
  2. Click create new wallet or use secret recovery phrase if you have already created an account. We are creating a new wallet so we are going to click create new wallet.

      3. Copy your secrete recovery phrase and store it in a safe place and never share it with anyone.

      4. Create a password and click finish at the end to complete the process

     5. Click on the phantom icon in your browser

      6. Click the send or receive button to send or receive Solana

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