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Why Everyone Needs & Should Promote Atomic Wallet

First, despite what we might think, cryptocurrency is far from a simple subject.  Try explaining blockchain technology and the process of mining to the average person and you're met with blank stares.  Now explain to them the concept of private/publics keys and their thoughts have undoubtedly shifted to their next meal or what shoes to buy next.  Crypto is complex stuff and, for those of us that are fully immersed in the crypto-sphere, we tend to forget this when encountering crypto-beginners.  Second, I am a firm believer that those of us that understand the complexities should be patient with beginners and actively encourage people to enter the world of crypto.

This is why Atomic Wallet is personally one of my favorite and predominate wallets that a significant amount of my crypto goes through before being transferred to a hardware wallet.  To clearly understand the benefits, it is best to list them (these are merely highlights and not all the perks of Atomic Wallet): 

  1. Anonymity - There are no accounts tied to you personally, you will never need to verify identity unless purchasing crypto directly through the wallet (which I highly discourage due to the high cost on any and all wallet crypto purchases) and most features are accessible without KYC requirements.
  2. Security - You are the sole holder of your keys and no one can interfere in your transactions. Remember, Not Your Keys; Not Your Coins. Binance, KuCoin, CoinBase, etc. hold your keys which means they hold your crypto and you are at their mercy. While not the same, let's not forget what Robinhood did to the Apes.
  3. Crypto - Atomic Wallet allows management of over 300 coins and tokens.
  4. Accessibility - Atomic Wallet is available for mobile and desktop.  Allowing for QR Code scanning to avoid address errors.
  5. User Friendly - The interface is fairly basic and allows for you to send/receive/exchange/buy crypto with a few taps/clicks. Plus, you earn cashback in the form of AWC-986 for exchanges which can be staked for up to 23%APY.
  6. Fees - One of the greatest features is Atomic Wallet's ability to allow you to adjust transaction fees and better see what is happening.  Most other wallets have set fees that just don't make sense; especially when market value is high and the pending mempool transactions are low.  Why pay 17 sat/B when 1-2 sat/B is plenty?
  7. Staking - There are currently 13 options for staking but updates are frequent and new options come along.  The process is simple and explained. Staking earnings range from 1.4%APY - 23%APY.
  8. Support - 24/7 Customer Support.  This is where beginners truly shine.  There is a Knowledge Base with tons of info but, if you are still stumped, you can always reach out to support via email or chat.  But be warned they get busy and it may take them 1-2 hours to get back to you (that's sarcasm considering most wallets don't even offer reasonable tech support).
  9. Price - Finally, the cherry on top of it all… is 100% free.  You pay nothing to have access to these and many other features.  Sure they get a cut of exchange spread but it is fractional compared to most other wallets.

I have recommended this wallet to so many people and constantly get thanked afterwards for helping making crypto a little easier for beginners and intermediate crypto enthusiasts.  It is also worth mentioning, if your looking for something similar but with a few additional features, Exodus Wallet is a reasonable upgrade on several feature but you lose a few too so keep that in mind before mass migrating your coins and tokens.

November,22, 2021

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