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Review of Atomic Wallet

Why Everyone Needs & Should Promote Atomic Wallet

First, despite what we might think, cryptocurrency is far from a simple subject.  Try explaining blockchain technology and the process of mining to the average person and you're met with blank stares.  Now explain to them the concept of private/publics keys and their thoughts have undoubtedly shifted to their next meal or what shoes to...

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November,23, 2021

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Join in November, 2021

I have a background in finance and am a licensed attorney. I love finding new crypto opportunities and promoting them when legit and exposing them when fraudulent. I own several businesses but crypto is my main hobby/passion. I only focus on facts and always provide evidence to back up my findings. If I ever insert an opinion in a review it is always labeled as such. I believe people deserve the truth; even if that truth runs counter to their desired position.

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