Optimism How to add Optimism(OP) to Metamask in simple steps

How to add Optimism(OP) to Metamask in simple steps

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: December 28, 2022

Optimism is a layer-2 blockchain that is EVM compatible which means all Ethereum tooling such as Metamask can be used with Optimism(OP). If you are wondering how to add Optimism to Metamask then this how-to guide is for you. After you follow the steps in this how-to guide, you will be able to add Optimism to Metamask and manage assets on Optimism(OP). Follow the simple steps below to add Optimism to Metamask:-

  1. Download and install Metamask if you haven’t already done so. If you are not sure about how to set up Metamask you can follow our guide on how to create Metamask via the link below.


       2. Login to Metamask

       3. Click the Add network button

        4.  On the network page, input the following details

              Network Name: Optimism
              New RPC URL: https://mainnet.optimism.io
              Chain ID: 10
              Currency Symbol: ETH
              Block Explorer URL: https://optimistic.etherscan.io/    

         5.  Click the save button          

If you have any questions about the Optimism(OP) you can use the ask button below to ask your question.

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