Mycryptoview How to advertise crypto token

How to advertise crypto token

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Last Updated: April 07, 2024

Creating an effective crypto token promotion is crucial in any crypto project. The crypto market will expand with time, making the visibility of your token more important as time goes by. The challenge will be in the creation of a valuable token and the raising of awareness. An ideal platform to use for your crypto token promotion is Mycryptoview, which is famous for its crypto-specific audience.

 Mycryptoview is a dedicated advertising platform which has a powerful presence in the crypto space. As a crypto platform, it provides an unprecedented opportunity for token advertisers, because they can aim their advertisements right at the group of audience that is already into cryptos. Mycryptoview's advertisement platform can increase your token visibility and the target audience.

Follow the steps below to create your crypto ads

  1. Go to Mycryptoview ads via

      2. Click the Buy Now button

      3. Connect your Metamask wallet (You will need to install Metamask before you can create your crypto ads) If unsure how to install Metamask you can check out How to create Metamask wallet via          

      4. Select Ad type, select your preferred crypto payment method and select the location you want your ad to display.

   Once you’ve selected your payment ad type and payment method you will see the cost summary and a create ad button.

       5. Click the Create Ad button and wait for approval

       6. Once your ad has been approved, and you are on the payment page like the screenshot below      

      7. Click the “Pay with MCV” button or if you select another crypto payment method you can click the payment button and wait for your transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain.

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