HEX How to buy Hex (HEX)

How to buy Hex (HEX)

Most people are aware of Hex but are wondering how to buy Hex on Binance - the simple answer is, at the time of writing this how-to guide you can not buy Hex on Binance or Coinbase. However, we will work you through how to buy hex in a simple step by step guide. If you are new to Hex, Hex is a certificate of deposit on the blockchain. Before following the steps below, you will need some Ethereum(ETH) which you can buy on any major exchanges and Metamask wallet. If you don't have Metamask check out How to create Metamask wallet via this link https://mycryptoview.com/meta-mask/how-to/how-to-create-metamask-wallet

We recommend buying Hex when gas fees are low on the Ethereum network which is the cheapest way to buy hex coin, you can use our gas fee tracker via the link below to check the base gas fees on ETH before buying Hex.


  1. Transfer Ethereum from any major exchanges or any other wallet to your Metamask wallet or skip this step if you already have Ethereum in your Metamask.
  2. Go to https://hex.com/
  3. Click connect to wallet and select Metamask.

     4. Enter the amount you would like to buy, click swap and wait for your transaction to complete. Don’t forget to check gas fees before you click swap  https://mycryptoview.com/transactions/ethereum

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You can also check Hex inflow/outflow details via this link


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