Ethereum How to sell Ethereum

How to sell Ethereum

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Last Updated: February 22, 2021

Selling Ethereum is straightforward depending on how you are planning to sell your Ethereum. In this how-to, we will cover different ways of selling your Ethereum. You can follow one of the steps below to sell your Ethereum.

  1. Selling via exchanges:-  Selling Ethereum via an exchange is one the easiest method to convert your ETH to cash or other cryptocurrencies. You will need to create an account on one of the top cryptocurrencies exchanges e.g Binance or Coinbase and add your payment method.  Fees may vary on each crypto exchanges If you want to sell on Coinbase check out How to sell Ethereum on Coinbase.
  2. Selling via peer-to-peer:-  You can sell via localcryptos previously known as LocalEthereum which is a non-custodial  crypto market place which means you will need to put your ETH in decentralised escrow. The risk for this option is higher as this may involve the buyer paying the seller outside the platform.
  3. Converting your ETH in your wallet:- Wallets like exodus enable users to convert ETH to other cryptocurrencies. This step only works for converting ETH to BTC or other cryptocurrency supported by exodus wallet. You can use exodus or any other wallet that supports converting ETH to other cryptos if you are interested in selling your ETH for other cryptos.

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