Ethereum How to receive Ethereum

How to receive Ethereum

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Last Updated: January 23, 2021

If you want to receive Ethereum either from a friend or you have just bought Ethereum you will need a wallet to receive it. You can use a desktop wallet such as Atomic wallet or Exodus wallet to receive ETH or you can also use MetaMask which is an extension for accessing Ethereum dapps in your browser. If you are interested in using MetaMask check how to create MetaMask wallet.

We are going to provide generic details on how to receive Ethereum. The details should be similar to other wallets.

  1. Open your wallet
  2. Select Ethereum if you have list of cryptocurrencies in your wallet
  3. Select receive
  4. Copy the address and send it to the person that wants to send you bitcoin or if you are withdrawing bitcoin from an exchange paste the address in the withdraw input field on the exchange.

For MetaMask you will need to copy the address at the top once you've unlocked your MetaMask wallet.

We recommend storing your Etherem in a hardware wallet such as Ledger wallet or Trezor Wallet.

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