Decentraland How to send and receive Decentraland (MANA) transactions

How to send and receive Decentraland (MANA) transactions

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: April 04, 2024

The Decentraland transactions processing, i.e. sending and receiving MANA tokens, is a core act of Decentraland engagement. MANA provides you with the opportunity to buy and trade virtual assets, attend events, etc. So what’s the deal in Decentraland when it comes to MANA transfer? One of the methods is using MetaMask, the very popular and secure wallet that ensures the underlying functioning of Decentraland. After you have installed MetaMask, you will select the option to connect your wallet to MetaMask. MetaMask supports ERC-20 tokens and MANA is also an ERC-20 token which means you can now send MANA to MetaMask.

In this guide, we'll work you through How to send and receive Decentraland (MANA) transactions in simple steps.

  1. Install MetaMask, If unsure how to set up MetaMask check out how to create Metamask wallet via the link below


       2. Login to your MetaMask and click the send button           

      3. On the Send to interface, input the address that you are sending your Mana             

     4. Click on the arrow under the assets section to select Mana then input the amount and send, if you can find Mana on the list follow step 5 to the last.        

     5. Go to the assets section, click import tokens

     6. Copy the Mana contract address below and input it in the search token box, click next to add Mana then repeat steps 3- 4.



                  To receive Mana, you can copy your public address on MetaMask and share   


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