BSC Bulksender

Are you looking for cheaper and lower cost BSC Bulksender? If you are searching for a cheaper BSC Bulksender, you can use Mycryptoview Bulksender to send BSC tokens to multiple addresses at a low cost. Use the link below to access Mycryptoview Bulksender

Our BSC Bulksender is one of the cheapest bulksender out there. We've put together a table that provides details of fees compared to our competitors. Our fees are the cheapest compared to the top 3 Bulksender as shown in the table below.

MultisenderSingle transaction fee200 Transaction fees
Mycryptoview Bulksender 0.00015 BNB 0.03 BNB
Competitor 10.000286 BNB0.057 BNB
Competitor 20.0152 BNB0.1896 BNB
Competitor 40.5 BNB0.5 BNB


We also support other EVM compatible networks. You can use our BSC Bulksender to send BEP-20 tokens, BNB, BEP-721 and BEP-115 to multiple addresses. If you are interested in sending BEP-721 or BEP-115 you can follow the link below to our NFT multisender

If you are unsure how to use our BSC Bulksender check out the following how-to guide below

How to send/airdrop BEP-20 tokens to multiple addresses in one transaction

How to send/airdrop BNB to multiple addresses in one transaction on BSC network

You can also find out more about our BSC Bulksender via the youtube video below