Bitcoin How to track bitcoin transactions

How to track bitcoin transactions

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: January 04, 2023

Bitcoin transactions are traceable on the bitcoin network. If you want to track the amount of bitcoin going into crypto exchanges you can follow the steps below in this how-content. However, if you want to track a single bitcoin address you can easily track the transactions using to search the amount of bitcoin held by a single address.

  1. Register or login to Mycryptoview
  2. Click Crypto Tracker on your profile


     3.  Click the Filter by coin


     4. Select Bitcoin under the “Select coin” drop down list

     5. Once selected, you can view up to 1 month of bitcoin transactions in and out of exchanges listed on  Mycrptoview.


Total (IN) is the total number of Bitcoin transaction count that went into all the exchanges while the total(OUT) is the total number of Bitcoin transaction count that went out of all the exchanges. Note this is different from the total value/amount of BTC that went in and out of exchanges.

You can also sort the result by date by click the date input field.

If you are not registered on Mycryptoview you can still view Bitcoin transactions via with limited transactions result.

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