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Review posted by: kevinkelley

Bitcoin is king

Happens to be king. Bieng the strongest currency to date. 

Value depends on how many are available to buy. If everyone hodled every bitcoin for one year of all purchases the value would triple.! 

Whales love it. Newbs crave it. 

I'm a BCH man myself hence the lack of indepth information

September,13, 2020

Review posted by: mwrbaig

Bitcoin Sustaining the Resistance

Bitcoin is one of the most valuable asset at this time and will be most valuable in the years to come with more and more use of it in daily activities like bill payment, shopping, banking etc. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology for high security. In the future BTC price may cross 1,00,000 USD , so satoshi value will also grow and will be valuabl...

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August,14, 2020

Review posted by: rumata

The prospects of Bitcoin

I believe that if institutional investors come to the cryptocurrency market, it will greatly increase the capitalization and price of Bitcoin. And yet, when banks will be able to store and buy Bitcoin, it will also add strength to the growth rate, since its number is limited.

August,14, 2020

Review posted by: ecnalubma

Time to grab a piece of Bitcoin

Even though the price of Bitcoin is already expensive too many it is still very reasonable to acquire because I believe it has an intrinsic value. We are not just buying Bitcoin but we're buying a piece of financial revolution that will change the world.

August,12, 2020

Review posted by: darkomarkov5

Why use bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency and it was created after the financial crisis in 2008, it's design is to protect people from hyperinflation that may occur during such crisis, and it gives people full control over their holdings without needing a bank or third parties to do it for them.

August,09, 2020

Review posted by: karllacruz

Why I love Bitcoin?

Why I love Bitcoin?

I love Bitcoin because it is innovative and perfect instrument or substitute to traditional investments like gold and silver. Its architecture is very unique and for me its perfect invention because it is tamper resistant and decentralised.

August,07, 2020

Review posted by: harry057

Future of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin halving is coming so block and also payout will be comes half for the miners and also btc is the as mother currency of all cryptocurrency so it could be defently affect on the market and all over exchange to nearly future and price could be on moon end of 2020

April,07, 2020

Review posted by: moon

Bitcoin is underrated

I have held bitcoin for years now and comparing it to if I had bought some other assets bitcoin has so far done well for me. From my experience, Anyone coming into the crypto space for quick gains will be disappointed.  There's a lot of good things about bitcoin that I can't list all here. Some of the good things include making cros...

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March,08, 2020

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