Axie Infinity How to create your Axie Infinity account: Is MetaMask an Option?

How to create your Axie Infinity account: Is MetaMask an Option?

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: June 14, 2023

Are you excited to explore the world of Axie Infinity and start playing this awesome blockchain game? The first thing you need to do is create an account. You might be wondering if you can use MetaMask for that. Good news! MetaMask is one of the options available for creating and managing your Axie Infinity account. However, it's not mandatory to use MetaMask. You can also use Ronin Wallet, which is specifically designed for Axie Infinity players. You can follow the steps below to create your Axie Infinity account:-

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Play now button

       3. Click on the Get started button on skymavis page           

       4. Create Ronin Wallet by clicking the browser extension button of the browser that you are using.              

       5. Click the Add to Chrome button             

       6. Click the Ronin Icon on Chrome and click the Get started button                

       7. Click the I’m new. Let’s get set up! Button           

      8. Enter a new password and click on the create wallet button           

      9. Copy your Seed phrase and keep in a safe place and don’t share it with anyone!              

       10.  Confirm your seed phrase and click continue                  

      11. Once you’ve confirmed your seed phrase you will see a screen like the screen shot below                   

       12.  Before completing your account set up, download and set up your MetaMask account, If unsure how to set up MetaMask check out how to create Metamask wallet via the link below 

The reason for downloading a second wallet MetaMask is for transferring ETH from exchanges to your wallet because you can only deposit ETH to your Ronin wallet via the Ronin bridge.

        13. To complete your account set up, head back to and click the Play now button

        14.  Click the next button and click the link Axie Official Marketplace                 

         15.  Click the login button to login with your Ronin wallet               

        16. On your profile dashboard, click on the setup email & password button to input your email address and a new password then after you’ve verified your email your account should be set up. 

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