Solflare How to Stake Solana (SOL) on SolFlare

How to Stake Solana (SOL) on SolFlare

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: March 24, 2023

Staking Solana (SOL) is a way for users to support the network and earn rewards in return. SolFlare is a popular Solana wallet that offers an easy and secure way to stake SOL. In this guide, we will go through how to stake SOL on SolFlare and take advantage of the rewards offered by the Solana network.

  1. Go to SolFlare website

        2. Click the access wallet link               

         3.  Click I need a new wallet and copy your seed phrase and create new password or you can connect to your hardware wallet to stake SOL

       4. On your wallet dashboard, click staking 

        5. On the staking page you can select Liquid SOL staking or Native SOL staking

         6.  In this guide, We selected Liquid SOL staking as an example, input the amount of SOL you would like to stake and click the stake button to start staking your SOL.

By following these steps, you can start staking SOL on SolFlare and earn rewards for supporting the Solana network. With its user-friendly interface and secure infrastructure, SolFlare is a great option for anyone looking for a simple user-friendly interface to get started with staking SOL.

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