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Reviews: 5

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Review posted by: zxxyxzxzz

Trust Wallet, a better wallet

Trust Wallet is pretty straight forward. If you need to deposit without inconvenience Trust Wallet is a sure way to go. It has a dapps browser, a rewards claim, and much more. It's great for receiving airdrops too. Overall I'd recommend Trust Wallet. 

May,02, 2021

Review posted by: azisjesika

Best mobile wallet

I use it as my main coins or token holder . All you need to do just do back up on your words phrase. One of most trusted and easy to use wallet . I love the binace feature in it and the trading option is also great . Got no problem in sending or receive tokens . Also the double security management is awesome. Recommended to all crypto users .

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November,03, 2020

Review posted by: halaibnhajj

My opinion on trust wallet

I'v been using trust wallet since 2018 and as you know it belongs to Binance which means it’s pretty legit. So honestly I’m quite satisfied with trustwallet app (no bugs, no crashes, simple design…) their affiliate program is not great but fine. They also have staking option but the APR is extremely low (Staking rate).

November,02, 2020

Review posted by: ecnalubma

Trust Wallet Review

I haven't been using my Trust wallet for while not until today, found it interesting and useful. Its light and easy to use, one good advantage is it supports multiple blockchain aside from its built-in wallet you can import Icon, Ethereum, Callisto and more.

July,01, 2020

Review posted by: kamrul121

It is very good project.I like this campaign.

I like projects with excellent marketing and amazing company.Great project and very good company. so good luck

April,22, 2020

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