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Very disapointing

I have been using this platform since the early stage. It was great in the beginning as it contributed to make crypto popular. But the management keeps taking weird and abrupt decisions that are not in favor of users and undermines the trust in the platform each time.

As one of the biggest platform out there, they have a duty I believe to defend the interests of users, but let us not forget this is a centralized commercial venture, so their main focus is the shareholders and maximizing their revenue. I am gradually switching out my assets from there and only keep my CRO in the platform. 

I am getting more and more disappointed every time by their sharp drop of interest, sudden changes in process and systems (for instance they stop the ability to transfer some coins without warning, or remove some currency from the fiat wallets), and terrible customer support.

I am sure this platform will do well because the market is still new and they will always attract beginners, but the cost is high and the only way to keep your crypto secure is decentralization.

May,16, 2022

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