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i was very nervous that how would i store and transact my cryptocureency in 2017 when i step  in this field then i try many exchange wallets and other sources but the fee was higher then i earn from any trade like i trade in btc/usdt pair once i earn 20 $ around profit in the first ever trade in local indian exchange i would not tell the name so the fee at that time when BTC was at the peak then i transfer some amount from that exchange wallet to my friends wallet to help him for some reasons so the fee they deduct was around 5$ in btc so i never had transact from that platform i made mistake because i was newbie its natural you learn from your mistakes always i read it somewhere when i dissappoined so i made a decision that i will learn first before indulding into an trade or field so i researched about best one at that time blockchain wallet was a international platform and voloume was ohsume everything was great i learn about it what are the rules and regulations ,what will the fee when i trade or i withdraw and i complete education about blockchain and its wallet and by watching tutorials i made my kyc done and add my bank account with wallet and i am doing well from last 2 years my experience is very good and best with blockchain wallet and their system i am completly satisfied



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May,10, 2020

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