Review of Wirex

Posted by: frankbytes

Really handy and easy to use but i had too many problems

While buying and getting cashback in sats is really easy and cool, and you can store your money in many cryptocurrencies on the site, in order to use your card, you have first to convert your cryptos to fiat money manually, and then move them to card manually either trough the app or trough the web page.

You can use WXT tokens to cover the fees and get some exlusive offers but the fees have been so low i haven't even used them.

Converting to fiat money manually is easy but sometimes the converting system is down. This doesn't happen often, but it has happened in the past without any notification, or info on when it should be working again.

Last time they pre-announced the downtime (first time perhaps) so i am hoping that this more transparent trend will continue.

This is only crypto card i have tried so far, so i can't really tell if other cards have these problems as well, but i would definitely keep some other backup cards because this isn't 100% realiable. I have ordered other cards as a backup.

May,20, 2020

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