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Ox Protocol Review

0x is defined as being an open protocol that authorizes peer-to-peer asset exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, it is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which allows to exchange ERC-20 tokens.0x is trying to set up a decentralized exchange site where transactions would take place outside the chain

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it enables ZRX coin transactions directly between users, off-chain. To keep its value, the ZRX crypto relies on relayers, people who are responsible for distributing pending orders through private or public order books. In other words, with the same level of security as blockchains offer, relayers take care of validating each ZRX coin transaction in exchange for a gain of ZRX tokens,The price of ZRX is therefore influenced by them in a certain way.The ZRX Coin, in addition to being a cheaper cryptocurrency to use than the others, also allows itself to involve its users in its development. The principle is simple: each person holding ZRX tokens is asked about the future of crypto development, and the more they have, the more important their voice is.

May,20, 2020

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