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Posted by: freddyrevolas

My personal review and recommendations for publishox

What is Publishox :

It is a crypto agnostic blogging  platform that allows both the readers and writers to earn cryptocurrencies while gaining insight into the world of decentralised finance, blockchain and digital currencies.   


What I like about:

  • It is a great place to learn about cryptocurrencies as well remain up to date with recent trends while also earning them. 
  • Allows both  readers and writers to  earn  which many other platforms don't allow. (I'm not aware of if there are any) 
  • Many cryptocurrencies to be paid in 
  • Writing Contests as well rewards like sharing something on face book will get users a certain piece of reward etc 
  • Readers are able to select tipping amount which is awesome.
  •  A very open community always something to learn  

What I don't like about and or feedback I would like to provide:

  • It's a crypto agnostic blogging platform although we must have blogging websites of such nature. It doesn't allow much for other topics.  
  • Publishox should work towards making a video platform similar to  Youtube. The reason is that although I as a consumer has seen an rise  in crypto blogging platforms like Publishox.  I have  rarely seen video platforms that compensate creators in cryptocurrencies. This is a feedback  I would love Publishox taking on board, to create a video platform that allows discussion about cryptocurrencies but is not just limited to this and enables  other topics to be made as well like self help, tutorials on programming, comedy pranks etc just like Youtube, content creators have the freedom to discuss anything.




December,20, 2020

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