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Posted by: alpha1217

Harmony (One)

Harmony is probably one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies out there in terms of value and use case. It is fast, scalable, decentralized, and one of its unique features is its random sharding, which makes it unpredictable and truly safe. I have witnessed how the Harmony community silently grow and the token slowly gain value. As a neophyte crypto trader in 2021, I chanced upon this token at a bargain price of $0.03. I sold my holdings when it reached around $0.09. I was simply buying and selling crypto back then. Then I went deeper into use cases and I found out that Harmony is more than just a meme coin, but a blockchain - just like bitcoin and ethereum - but much better and cheaper! People are building and creating games, programming other cryptocurrencies on top of it, and still, not very many are aware of it!  

April,03, 2022

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