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AELF Review

Aelf is a distributed self-maturing cloud-computing grid. To found a Blockchain infrastructure which is appropriate for commercial necessities, Aelf provides an extremely well-organized multi-chain parallel-processing system with a cross-chain communiqué with a self-developing governance. It brings three revolutions, namely scalable nodes across groups of computers, resource segregation for smart-contracts and polling through token-holders.

To elaborate, Aelf wants to make available the smart contract reasoning, along with a custom-built data-structure and unanimity protocol for the directed objectives. This AltCoin is desirous of defining the apparatus which they can utilize to generate snapshots in the system along with the making of data management artless.

ELF tokens are used for payments of resource fees used in the network, such as deployment of smart contracts, functioning and advancement of systems (which are inclusive of transaction fees and fees for cross-chain data transfer). These tokens also permit the community to elect on most important decisions, such as choosing mining nodes, announcing new features to the system and all other chief decisions.

The team is composode by professional skills. Some of them are Ma Haobo, founder & CEO of Hoopox, and is a Blockchain expert, and an early adopter of digital assets, followed by Chen Zhuling, Fu Li, Yang Yalong, Liam Robertson , Zhou Shuoji and others.

May,21, 2020

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