Mycryptoview How to turn your ideas into reality with NFT minting website creation

How to turn your ideas into reality with NFT minting website creation

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: April 03, 2024

Are you tired of dreaming about turning your ideas into tangible realities? Look no further than NFT The digital world has diminished the barriers of time, space and boundaries; the rise of NFTs and blockchain technology has further expanded this by allowing the creation to happen right before your very eyes. On the other hand, as the number of platforms for minting the NFT grows, the problem of the right selection of the platform may arise. However, we have made this guide to save you time. This guide is created to make your dreams come to reality.   Whether you are a seasoned crypto-enthusiast or a newbie in the NFT space, don’t hesitate anymore and commit yourself to create NFTs that will be a part of the ever-changing NFT experience today! 
Mycryptoview NFT generator is easy to use, the interface is convenient and the imaging level is top-notch. Mycryptoview is undoubtedly the most reasonable choice for all NFT creators.

Before you follow the steps make sure you have done the following:-

  • Make sure you've uploaded your NFT images to ipfs (distributed system for storing files - our recommended option)
  • Make sure you've uploaded your NFT metadata to ipfs (see opensea recommended metadata structure

The steps above are recommended as you will need to input the ipfs URL in the URL input field of the NFT minter generator.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the connect wallet button and make sure you’ve selected Ethereum network on Metamask

       3. Input the details of your NFT minting contract i.e Name, Symbol, Mint price etc                

       4. Click the create button and wait for your transaction to complete              

        5. Copy the embed code and create a test page             

      6. Open any text editor e.g notepad, paste the code and save it as nftminter.html              

          Note:- Make sure that save as type is set to all files          

     7. Open the newly created page on any browser            

    8. Once you open the page, you should see a page like the screenshot below.           

   9. Click the connect wallet button and you will see your NFT supply like the screenshot below            

After testing your NFT minting page, you can copy the same code and paste on any page you would like to launch your NFT minting page.

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