Mycryptoview How to Track Crypto Exchange Outflows to Detect Unusual Activity

How to Track Crypto Exchange Outflows to Detect Unusual Activity

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: April 03, 2024

Cryptocurrency exchange outflow statistics may point to several conditions that are prevalent in the crypto markets. Here, we will be unveiling the step-by-step guide for tracking outflow from a crypto exchange which might uncover some unusual activities. We will review the best tool that you can use to monitor exchange outflows. Follow the steps below to start tracking crypto exchange outflows

  1. Go to Mycryptoview

      2. We are going to use FTX the collapse exchange as an example, Search FTX and select FTX exchange

    3.  On the FTX exchange profile page, click on Transactions         

    4. On the FTX transactions page, you can view all FTX exchange outflows to detect unusual activity           

If you need to view the transaction details, you can click the view button which should display the result like the screenshot below

      5. Configure alerts: Register on Mycryptoview to set up alerts to receive notifications when there are significant changes in outflows.

     6. On your account dashboard, click on Crypto tracker 

     7. On the tracker dashboard, click on personal alerts          

     8. On the personal alert page, you can select the number of alerts to start receiving Crypto Exchange Outflows which you can start monitoring the exchange outflows and take note of any unusual activity.

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