Mycryptoview How to make money in crypto bear market

How to make money in crypto bear market

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: December 28, 2022

When the crypto market keeps falling with no sign of recovery for months, this is known as the bear market which can be very difficult if you are new in the space. This period is when you can start thinking of new ideas on how to stay in the market. In this how-to content, we would provide details on how to make money in a crypto market bear market.

       1.   Buy the dip

In the crypto bear market, most cryptos are always down up to 90% or even more which means you can buy your favourite crypto at a discount. Note:- when buying the dip the price could go further down as during a bear market it takes months for it to recover so, you must be prepared to keep buying until the market recovers and, this is when you can start taking profits.

      2. Earn crypto without buying

There are different ways to earn crypto without buying e.g play to earn, writing content to earn crypto. However, we are going to recommend writing content such as reviews or how-to content for Mycryptoview to earn our native tokens MCV. You can register via the link below to start earning MCV tokens.

     3. Don't sell at the bottom

We know how difficult to watch your crypto portfolio go down on every screen refresh. However, it is a bad idea to sell at a loss due to panic - remember you would only lose money when you press the sell button.

    4. Staking

Staking can be another way of earning crypto in a bear market. With staking you will need to lock your coins for a particular period to earn rewards. Most proof of stake coins offers staking but, your will have to do your own research on the coins that offers a good reward. 

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