MetaMask How to fix replacement transaction underpriced

How to fix replacement transaction underpriced

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: August 08, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation where your cryptocurrency transaction gets stuck on Metamask, leaving you unable to proceed? If you're using Metamask and facing this issue while attempting to cancel a transaction, chances are you've encountered an underpriced transaction problem. This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to fix this issue and get your transaction back on track.

How do I fix replacement transaction underpriced?

To fix replacement transaction underpriced transaction on Metamask, simply send 0 ETH to your own wallet and increase the "Priority Fee" to a higher value, like 15 Gwei. The new transaction will replace the stuck one, and if needed, you can try increasing the "Priority Fee" until it gets confirmed on the blockchain. This straightforward process will ensure your transaction goes through smoothly as the higher "Priority Fee" incentivizes miners to process it faster.

Follow the steps below to Fix stuck transactions/replacement transactions underpriced errors.

  1. Go log in to Metamask
  2. Click the 3 dots and click settings         

       3. Click on Advanced           

       4. Scroll down to Customize transaction nonce and turn it ON                

        5. Open your stuck transaction on Etherscan and scroll down to the bottom and click “+ Click to show more” 

       6. Copy the Nonce value, in the screenshot below the Nonce is 3, yours would be different         

       7.  Send 0 ETH and use the same Nonce that your copy from Step 6

     Note:- Your Nonce would be different from the screenshot above, It should be the Nonce value that you copied from your stuck transaction.

       8.  Click edit “Market”, Note this might be different as well i.e it could be “site suggested” or “Advanced”

        9.  Click Advanced             

       10. Increase the "Priority Fee" to a higher value, like 15 Gwei and click the save button 

                      Note:- 15 Gwei doesn’t work you might have to increase to a higher Gwei.

        11. Confirm and send your transaction

       Once your transaction is successful, you should see “Dropped & Replaced” on Etherscan status similar to the screenshot below

 If you see the “Dropped & Replaced” status, you can send a new transaction which would now go through.

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