Ethereum How to earn passive income online with Ethereum

How to earn passive income online with Ethereum

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: December 06, 2020

You must have heard of cryptocurrency from friends, family members or perhaps work colleagues or you are already familiar with cryptocurrency but wondering how you can make passive income with Ethereum. In this article, we will cover the following:- How you can earn passive income with Ethereum, a short description of Ethereum and cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is secure and can be used as a medium of exchange without any third-party control.


Ethereum is a decentralised blockchain for money and for creating smart contracts for an example you can write a code to create cryptocurrency tokens or write code to create a decentralised application like for voting system.

Here are the steps on how to earn passive income with Ethereum:-

  1. Staking:-  Staking is a way of participating in the validation of transactions on the blockchain by locking your coins to earn rewards. With the ongoing transition on the Ethereum network from proof of work consensus to proof of stake means you will be able to stake 32 Eth to validate transactions on Ethereum blockchain.
  2. With Ethereum defi:-  Decentralised finance in short form “Defi” is one of Ethereum use cases. Whilst earning passive income through Defi could be risky because of losing all your funds or due to impermanent loss, that is not to say you can't earn passive income with defi. So here are ways you can earn passive income with defi:-
  • Lending and borrow coins in a protocol like compound to earn interest.
  • Yield farming:- is a way of locking your cryptocurrency in a protocol to earn rewards. In simple terms, you are farming tokens(staking lp tokens) to earn another token then convert the token to Eth. It is possible in future some of this farming platform may start to add more use cases to the farmed coins. One example of a yield farming platform in 2020 is the controversial Sushiswap that followed by multiples copies coming out due to the hype. We also created our copy called for experiment purposes.
  • Uniswap:- is one of the top decentralised exchange(DEX) in the crypto space. You can provide liquidity to get the trading fees, for example, you earned Mycryptoview tokens (MCV) instead of selling it you can add MCV-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and earned 0.3% fees per trade. You can also provide liquidity to other tokens on Uniswap, please note that providing liquidity on uniswap is risky due to impermanent loss(this is when the value of one token drops below the initial price when you provided the liquidity).
  • Non-fungible tokens(NFTs):- You can trade unique digital items on the blockchain. Cryptokitties is one example or you can create your own NFTs and sell on

    3. Holding aka Hodling:-  This is probably the easiest way to earn passive income with Ethereum by         just buying and holding it.  For example, you bought ETH in 2015 and hodl or maybe you bought in        2018 when the price dropped and hodl. You will have to do your own research due to cryptocurrency       volatility.

     4. Ethereum Faucets:-  is a way of allowing users to earn a reward in ETH for completing a task or               participating in games.

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