Cosmos How to set up Cosmos Wallet: Is MetaMask an Option?

How to set up Cosmos Wallet: Is MetaMask an Option?

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Cosmos Wallet is a secure wallet that allows you to manage and store ATOM tokens. Setting up and using a Cosmos Wallet is straightforward. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up a Cosmos Wallet and explain whether MetaMask is an option.

MetaMask is a popular EVM(Ethereum virtual machine) wallet that is used for Ethereum based assets. However, it does not support assets on the Cosmos network because the Cosmos network is not an EVM-compatible network. If you want to store and manage your Cosmos assets, you will need to use a Cosmos wallet such as keplr.

Setting up a Cosmos Wallet is essential for anyone looking to safely store and manage their ATOM tokens on the Cosmos network. While MetaMask is a popular option for Ethereum-based assets, it is not an option for Cosmos assets such as ATOM etc. Instead, Follow the steps below to set keplr which browser extension based wallet similar to MetaMask.

  1. Go to Keplr's official website
  2. Click the Install Keplr button

       3. On the official download page, we are going to use Chrome to illustrate Keplr setup, so click on the Chrome button to install Keplr       

     4. Click the Add to Chrome button         

    5. After adding Keplr to Chrome, click on the Keplr Icon on the top right corner of your Chrome browser 

     6. On the wallet page, click on Create new account            

     7. Copy your seed phrase/Mnemonic Seed, name your account and input a new password               

Note:-  Never share your seedphrase/Mnemonic Seed with anyone and make sure you store your password and Mnemonic Seed in a safe location.

       8.  Click the Next button and confirm your Mnemonic Seed               

      9. Once you’ve registered your account you should see a screenshot like the one below, click on the done button to access your wallet.

     10. To use Cosmos wallet, you can fund your account with ATOM and click the send button to send ATOM to anyone

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