Coinbase How to Earn Cryptocurrency for free on Coinbase.

How to Earn Cryptocurrency for free on Coinbase.

Author: leakzmilli

Last Updated: December 23, 2020

Once you have your verified account, you can follow the steps below to start earning free cryptocurrency if you don't have one yet, create one now with this
link redirects to earn page - 

  • Click “earn crypto” on Coinbase website, which should redirect you here ..
  1. On the earning page, Click "start course" for whichever cryptocurrency you'd like to earn as you can see in the image above. 
  2. Pick whichever currency interest you, or is available (availability of crypto is limited but Coinbase is always adding to the pools/ earn programs)
  3. You will have to watch some short videos and answer some questions as part of the qualifying process. (no more than 10 multiple choice questions) 
  4. receive a referral link and get more rewards by sharing with your family and friends!
    ( If you do not have an account yet please do me the favor of signing up with my link below)

    succeeding will result in rewards of upto $167 in crypto which you can withdraw or exchange for whatever you want, its yours! 
  • Disclaimer: This guide only applies to the desktop version of coinbase and other instructions may apply via mobile application. 
  • Rule: You must have a verified account.
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