Cardano How to add Cardano to Metamask (Metamask support cardano?)

How to add Cardano to Metamask (Metamask support cardano?)

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: April 07, 2024

The most discussed question by crypto enthusiasts is whether Cardano (ADA) can be added to Metamask or not. However, it is worthwhile thinking of limitations and better alternatives for this case. Cardano, which is a well-known layer 1 blockchain is not supported by Metamask because it is not developed around Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The continuation of Cardano Network to explore the integration of a sidechain that supports EVM could open doors for greater interoperability.

Yoroi stands as a good option for becoming a preferred wallet for users who want their wallets to function almost like Metamask. Cardano Yoroi is a Chrome extension wallet, designed specifically for Cardano, that focuses on ease of usage. The direct integration of Cardano into Metamask remains a challenge, and Yoroi acts as an alternative, allowing ADA users to tap into the Cardano blockchain from a friendlier user interface.

  1. Go to Yoroi Wallet's official website

      2. Click the download button and select any of the supported browsers               

     3. Click the add button           

     4. Click on the Yoroi extension icon          

    5. Select the language and click the continue button         

     6. Agree to Terms of use          

     7. Click the Create Wallet button           

     8. Name your Wallet, input your password and click the Create personal wallet button            

   9. Write down your seed phrase and keep it in a safe place. Do not share it with anyone.          

    10.  Confirm your seed phrase 

Once you’ve successfully confirmed your seed phrase, you should see a similar screen like the one below

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