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Whitepaper changes


August 01, 2020

When we started our journey, we knew that as times goes on, we were likely to make changes to some of the features on the platform. That is one of the reasons why we decided to build the platform with your help, that means launching on beta then get things stable then onboard more people on the platform. We are making a few changes to some features. Below are the whitepaper changes.

  1. Tipping fees:- After careful consideration, we've decided to drop tipping fees as part of our revenue model. We believe this will encourage users to tip others when they find their posts helpful.
  2. Storing post count on blockchain:- The purpose of this feature was for keeping track of all the halving count on the blockchain but, we feel storing post count on a blockchain is overkill instead we can use the blockchain for a better use case in future.

The new structure we are proposing for reward halving will involve displaying the total number of posts on our platform on the user's profile. We will provide more details on how we plan to implement this feature.