Blog Mycryptoview, the gateway into the evergrowing crypto market

Mycryptoview, the gateway into the evergrowing crypto market

Press release

February 24, 2020

We know how challenging it might get sometimes to grasp the concept of crypto. When there are so many players in the industry, information overload often occurs and one can feel stranded and have no one to turn to. 
Mycryptoview was conceived as a place where experience and inexperience are equally welcome. Whether you have zero experience with crypto, you dabble in it from time to time or already have solid investments – we are sure that everyone here will come across some educational assets. With Mycryptoview, users can save themselves some time on the Internet – instead of asking Google, they can ask community directly and receive feedback from real people who have already made investment decisions. 
Another beautiful thing about Mycryptoview is that almost every action on the platform earns contributors a certain amount of tokens. Our MCV tokens will be listed on exchanges after ICO and token holders can trade MCVs for other cryptocurrencies. 

Why Mycryptoview is unique 

Trust and transparency are imperative for Mycryptoview. Reviews left on the platform are great in terms of knowledge transfer, but polls act as a powerful tool to tackle fake reviews. 
If you are somewhat familiar with crypto and blockchain, you’d imagine that if a user leaves a review on a website with blockchain integration, it will be stored on blockchain and it will stay there for good. The problem is, not all reviews are genuine. So how can the issue of fake reviews be resolved? We handle posts in such way that when users deem a review to be fake, they can initiate a poll to remove the fake content from the platform. Similarly, companies can’t delete or override any reviews - reviews can be deleted only when they are outvoted by the community. 
Key features breakdown 

So what exactly can you do on Mycryptoview? The basic functionalities are: 

  • Questions
  • Polls
  • Answers
  • Reviews
  • Referrals 

While all users can answer questions, only regular users can post reviews on the platform. For now, questions and reviews from businesses and influencers are disabled. 
Here is how many tokens users can earn: 

  •  Review – 50 MCV 
  • Question – 50 MCV
  •  Answer – 50 MCV
  • Best answer – 300 MCV
  •  Helpful – 50 MCV 

When businesses claim their accounts, they earn: 

  • Cryptocurrency category – 400 MCV
  • Cryptocurrency card – 400 MCV
  • Cryptocurrency exchange – 400 MCV
  • Cryptocurrency news – 1200 MCV
  • Cryptocurrency price monitor – 400 MCV 

When influencers claim their accounts, they earn 1200 MCV. 

Users, businesses and influencers can participate in polls only if they have 150 MCV in their vote wallets. 
We also have a referral program in place. When you invite your peers, you and the people you invited all earn 80 MCV. When business account invites a new user to join the platform, both get 120 MCV. 

At the moment, Mycryptoview runs on a beta version and the amount of tokens users get during the beta will change after the official release. One user can create 10 posts and the total number of posts on the platform is 3000 during the beta. Keep in mind that beta version may be not as stable as the final version of the platform. Some features might not work properly, hence we rely on your feedback on how we can upgrade the platform. If you think something could be improved, drop us a line, we’d love to hear your opinion. 
Cryptocurrencies do take time to understand, but we believe that with Mycryptoview you’ll enjoy learning and investing in cryptos every step of the way!