Arbitrum How to use Arbitrum Multisender for airdrops

How to use Arbitrum Multisender for airdrops

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: April 12, 2023

Arbitrum Multisender is a great solution that simplifies the distribution of tokens to multiple recipients on the Ethereum network. It's particularly useful for airdrops, which is a popular marketing technique used by blockchain projects to boost token adoption and engagement among their communities. This tool enables users to distribute their tokens securely and efficiently to a large number of recipients, while also reducing transaction fees and saving time.

Mycryptoview Arbitrum Multisender is one of the most popular  Arbitrum Multisender tools for airdrops, and it's user-friendly too. It provides a simple and effective way to manage airdrops. Users can easily import their recipient list, set the token amount, and initiate the airdrop with a few clicks. By using Mycryptoview Arbitrum Multisender, blockchain projects can increase their token adoption and engagement within their communities. .

Before going through the steps, make sure you've prepared the addresses in excel or you can also copy and paste the ETH addresses list in the input field using the format below i.e use comma to separate the address from the amount.


Or use our Auto address and amount tool generator 

  1. Go to our Mycryptoview crypto multisender
  2. Login to Metamask and make sure that your network is set to Arbitrum one mainnet or if you are already login and your network is set to Arbitrum then skip this step to step 3

       3. Click connect             

       4. Click the green button to slide to the tokens option             

      5. Input the token contract address in the input field (You can find the contract address on coingecko if the token is listed on coingecko or arbiscan explorer.)     

Or you can use our multisender token search address option to automatically detect your tokens in your wallet.

      6.  Upload the XLSX or CSV addresses that you created  or you can also copy and paste the addresses in the address input box, so far the format is correct or you can manually type the address and the amount similar to this format 


        7. Click the approve button and wait for the confirm button to display like below             

        8. Click confirm and wait for your transactions to complete.

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