Arbitrum How to use Arbitrum Multisender: A step-by-step guide for beginners

How to use Arbitrum Multisender: A step-by-step guide for beginners

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: September 06, 2023

The Arbitrum Multisender is a valuable tool that can speed up and reduce the cost of transferring funds across the Arbitrum network. However, beginners may find it challenging to use this tool effectively without proper guidance. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive guide that simplifies the process of utilising the Arbitrum Multisender for beginners.

The Mycryptoview multisender is one of the most user-friendly tools for sending multiple transactions simultaneously across the Arbitrum network. It comes with a simplified interface that streamlines the process for users. By using this tool, beginners can leverage the benefits of faster and cost-effective transactions on the network.

Our guide offers step-by-step instructions on using the Mycryptoview multisender to send multiple transactions in a single go. It also helps users customise their transaction fees and optimise their transfers for maximum efficiency. By following our guide and using the Mycryptoview multisender, beginners can quickly get started with the Arbitrum Multisender and maximise the potential of their transactions on the network.

Before going through the steps, make sure you've prepared the addresses in Excel or you can also copy and paste the ETH addresses list in the input field using the format below i.e use a comma to separate the address from the amount.


Or use our Auto address and amount tool generator 

  1. Go to Mycryptoview multisender
  2. Login to Metamask and switch the network to Arbitrum one mainnet, if you are already login to Metamask and your network is already set to Arbitrum one mainnet then skip to step 3.

      3. Click the connect button on Mycryptoview mulitsender           

      4. Upload the XLSX or CSV addresses that you created or you can also copy and paste the addresses in the address input box.

     5. Click confirm and wait for your transactions to complete.

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