ApeCoin How to Add and securely store ApeCoin in MetaMask

How to Add and securely store ApeCoin in MetaMask

Author: @Mycryptoview Token

Last Updated: June 30, 2023

Take full control of your ApeCoin holdings with MetaMask! Safely store and manage your valuable ApeCoin with MetaMask. Whether you're new to cryptocurrencies or an experienced user, MetaMask provides a simple and secure way to add and protect your ApeCoin. Its user-friendly interface make MetaMask the ideal choice for keeping your ApeCoin.  Add and securely store your ApeCoin in MetaMask today by following the steps below

  1. Go to MetaMask website          

      2. Click download           

     3. Click add to chrome and wait for the installation to complete       

      4. Click on get started          

       5. Click “I Agree “ on the help us improve MetaMask page              

       6. Click “Create a wallet” on the “New to MetaMask?” Page


      7. Create your password and keep it in a safe place           

       8. Backup your secret phrase and make sure to keep it in a safe place 


        9. Confirm your secrete backup phrase             

Once you have confirmed your secret phrase backup, you will be redirected to your wallet.

       10. To add ApeCoin click the import tokens, copy ApeCoin contract address below and input in the search token box, click next to add ApeCoin.


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