We may update the roadmap to reflect reality, meaning if we complete any milestones early or if we are unable to complete any milestones as per the target, we will update the document.

Milestone 1: Earth (Q3 2019)- Completed

  • Proof of concept
  • Whitepaper
  • Roadmap creation
  • Release of internal prototype
  • Project development
  • Registration functionality development
  • Login functionality development
  • Email verification functionality development
  • User profile functionality development

Milestone 2: Titan (Q4 2019)- Completed

  • Posts functionality(MoSCoW)
  • Review functionality development
  • Question functionality development
  • Answer functionality development
  • Home page functionality development
  • Admin functionality development
  • Business/company account registration/login functionality development
  • Ability for business/company to claim profile and get rewards
  • Internal testing phase 1
  • Bug fixes
  • Email functionality development
  • Report spam functionality development
  • Upvote functionality development
  • Ability for users to mark answer as best answer
  • Referral program integration development
  • Internal release

Milestone 3: Mars (Q1-Q2 2020)- Completed

  • In-app rewards integration development
  • Polls/voting integration development
  • Identification functionality development
  • Internal testing
  • Bug fixes
  • Content creation
  • Ico page creation
  • Beta
  • Presale
  • Get users feedback/suggestion(We are still accepting new feedback/suggestions.)
  • Hiring teams (Depending on the amount raised during presale):- On hold (revised)
  • Bug fixes(fixing bug raised by users during beta phase)(We are still accepting any new bugs raised.)
  • Public sale start:- 1st June (revised)
  • Activity feeds

Milestone 4: Venus (Q3-Q4 2020)

  • Help center- (Completed)
  • Public sale end:- 31st October (Completed)
  • Mycryptoview IEO (cancelled)
  • Hiring teams (Continue with the current team structure - Team structure made up of freelances)
  • Upvote and best answer email functionality- (Completed)
  • User email settings- (Completed)
  • Display payment history on user profile- (Completed)
  • Comment functionality development- (Completed)
  • User post limit- (completed)(check out the update for more details about post limit
  • Blockchain integration (Completed)
  • Tipping (suspended, check out the update
  • Testing- (Completed)
  • Bug fixes- (Completed)

Milestone 5: Moon (Q1  2021)

  • Platform release

Development updates

We have created a temporary account on Reddit that will be used for updating any major/changes that we've done on the platform and also roadmap development progress. Please note if we don't update the account it just means we have nothing to update and we will update once there's an important update. At a later stage, we may move the account or move to somewhere else for updating dev progress.


Please follow our reddit account for any updates.